Old is not really definable for me because age is just a number.

My fears are just not being able to do certain things. As you get a little bit older, having to ask for help. Just because for us, we can always be in denial about certain things and I just have to realize when I’m at that age, when enough is enough and saying I need help is okay.

What I would consider a little bit older now is probably 80s/90s. If you had to ask me this a couple years ago, I would say 65 because that was the years that everybody would retire, but as time goes on and the world has changed based on medicine and everything like that, the age continues to rise.

Where I work I’ve seen the different abilities that everybody has so I’m always in awe. What have I learned through them? Just to be patient. Love life, never take anything for granted. Since I’ve started working here I’ve treasured aging through time.

When I started working here I was 20 and ever since I’ve seen holidays come around it made me appreciate valuable time with my family. I think for me personally as I get a little bit older I want to capture as much memories I have with my family as well as my own kids. I always get told never to get older – stay young and fresh in your mind and just go with the flow. Feel how you feel. Never get older meaning just keep doing things in life – never hold anything back just to be adventurous all the time, switch it up, find new friends, find new hobbies and just never get stuck at the old-fashioned way.


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I love to dance and keep moving all the time. Rock and Roll, slow dancing, any kind of dancing.

Doris Clark

Porchon-LynchI don’t believe in focusing on age; Don’t let age determine what YOU CAN and cannot DO

Tao Porchon-Lynch

I’ve learned that most of what I thought I knew about the aging process was wrong. That staying in the dark serves powerful commercial and political interests that don’t serve mine.

Mary Stewart Long Island, NY

Aging does not cripple you. Aging will change your philosophy on life if you’ll accept that it’s different, accept it gracefully and don’t be ashamed of yourself.

Leonard Aarons

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