My secret to living a better life and a longer life is to keep moving.They can’t hit a moving target. So I figure if I don’t stand still I got it made, I got it made.

I’m marinating. I’m not getting old – I’m marinating. And you know what happens when you marinate? You just get better.

Mentally I think I’m coming up for 21. My favorite thing is to cook. And I like to be creative. Sometimes I cook with wine and maybe I put it in the food.

Listen, I shop. God rest my husband, he said, “Babe do me a favor. When I die, don’t buy me a headstone.” I said,  “Mike, that was a terrible thing to say.” He says, “Nah, put a bench at Marshall’s. I know you’ll come see me.”

I think age has made me stronger. I learned a lot, some of it at a very young age, how to deal with adversity and sorrow and loss and grow from that. I went back to school at 53. I became a medical administrator.

Keep yourself healthy and be happy. Be happy. There’s much to be happy for. Much to be happy for. You woke up this morning, that’s a plus, and now you face the day as best as you can. But, just be happy–enjoy what’s left of your life and do it positively.


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I love to dance and keep moving all the time. Rock and Roll, slow dancing, any kind of dancing.

Doris Clark

Porchon-LynchI don’t believe in focusing on age; Don’t let age determine what YOU CAN and cannot DO

Tao Porchon-Lynch

I’ve learned that most of what I thought I knew about the aging process was wrong. That staying in the dark serves powerful commercial and political interests that don’t serve mine.

Mary Stewart Long Island, NY

Aging does not cripple you. Aging will change your philosophy on life if you’ll accept that it’s different, accept it gracefully and don’t be ashamed of yourself.

Leonard Aarons

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