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Third Annual Aging in America Survey Results

Parker Health Group, Inc. recently shared the results of their third annual Aging in America survey with the media via a press release, which you can read here. Some interesting opinions were discovered in this year's survey results. Men are 13% more likely to consider someone "old" compared to women. Millenials and Gen Xers are likely to think a person is old by the time they reach their 70s. And, roughly one-third of Americans have experienced ageism in one form or another. It looks like we still have some work to do to dispel ageism in our society.

Roberto Muñiz, Parker President and CEO, remarked: "These results show that there is still work to be done in distilling aging myths and misconceptions...That's why at the end of 2018, we launched the #WithIt movement, which highlights stories of people celebrating life at every age."

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