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'Selfish' Volunteering Paved the Way

“It’s selfish, partially,” Pearl Teller admits when asked why she and her husband Marty have been volunteering at an assisted living residence and nursing home for the past few years. “It enhances us. Helping others gives us the opportunity for new experiences.”

Challenging the Status Quo

Challenging the Status Quo

Anita is #WithIt

Anita stresses the importance of her feeling independent when asked about what motivates her each day and how she keeps #WithIt. “I’ve never lost that feeling naturally,” she says. “I know very definitely that I am able to help people, and as long as I can be helpful and extend good energy to other people, then I have a reason for being here.”

A Millennial Marketer and his "Zoomed-Out" Perspective

“In college, when people would ask what kind of job I wanted to do, I’d say I want to find something I can inject my personality into,” Daniel recalls. “But what I really wanted is a job where I am personally affecting the lives of others.”

Ken Wolfire - A Multifaceted Man

Most days, at 9AM, the voice of 82-year-old Ken “The Wolfman” Wolfire can be heard on loudspeakers throughout Parker at McCarrick, delivering the morning announcements. “Good morning Parker at McCarrick family!” The Wolfman intones.  “The weather today is…” followed by community news and birthday wishes. To amuse his audience, Ken makes sure he adds a bit of humor to his announcements, such as inviting his fellow residents to attend “mind-boggling bingo.”

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